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TripConnectWe're aware that many of our customers have been informed about Tripadvisor's latest feature, TripConnect. Understandably, they're excited about it. And so are we.

If you're yet to discover TripConnect, it finally offers a way of displaying hotel website rates directly on TripAdvisor listings. All you need is a Business Listing and a compatible online booking system.

We're delighted to confirm that Welcome Anywhere will soon be integrated with TripConnect, enabling you to offer Tripadvisor guests a direct method of booking, alongside the agencies which usually appear on Tripadvisor listings. This means TripConnect could help further reduce your commission bill and increase brand awareness.

TripConnect is a high priority for us and we will be launching our interface in the new year. Please stay tuned - further information will follow in due course.

If you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Gmail logoGmail has received some significant attention from Google developers this year. Most notably, the world's largest webmail client saw the introduction of a new tabbed inbox, which intelligently groups emails into specific folders in an attempt to separate personal messages from social media notifications and promotional emails.

Despite something of an uproar in the email marketing community, the feature appears to have worked rather well and has actually encouraged Gmail users to check their promotional tab in the hope that tempting offers nestle within it.

More recently, Google has added some nifty new features to Gmail and there's one in particular which we think could prove to be very useful for hoteliers.

'Quick Action' buttons are starting to appear to the right of email subject lines in Gmail users' inboxes. They work by scanning the content of the email and providing an action for anything deemed to be interactive. For example, it might be something as simple as adding a specific date to a calendar, or saving a file to Dropbox... or booking a restaurant table.

OpenTable has joined the growing list of developers making use of Quick Action buttons by giving diners the ability to quickly book tables directly from their inbox and without having to open the email from the restaurant. All the restaurant has to do is send an enticing subject line and the Quick Action lets the user do the rest with the minimal fuss. It could prove a very quick conversion technique.

Imagine doing the same for hotel bookings! It's something that has certainly caught our eye and we will be looking at ways in which we can implement the use of Quick Action buttons for the benefit of Welcome Anywhere users and hotel guests.

Got an idea how Quick Actions could be used in email? Get in touch!

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mobile hotel online bookingA recent study by PhoCusWright has discovered that mobile online booking is surging at an exponential rate. This trend is set to continue for at least the next two years.

Focussing on the American market, PhoCusWright's recent Online Travel Overview suggested that US citizens will book an astounding $39.5 billion of reservations on their mobile devices in 2015. If that turns into a reality, it will mean mobile devices will account for 12% of all travel sales. That would be a fivefold jump from 2012 figures.

This may well be a US-centric outlook, but with so many Americanisms and exports heading to UK shores on an almost daily basis, it is safe to assume that we'll see similar growth in mobile booking over here.

Although the report focuses on travel as a whole, delve further into its ninety pages and it becomes evident that the hotel industry is leading the way with online booking. As a result, lead times are being squeezed, meaning the sight of guests entering hotels at which they've booked rooms while en route is likely to increase. Certainly, the idea of same-day booking is something many hotel guests are becoming accustomed to. As a result, savvy hoteliers are jumping on the seizable marketing opportunity such late reservations offer with last minute deals becoming more commonplace.

Online travel agencies (OTAs) have seen just as positive an increase in use of their services on mobile devices with bookings made via tablets and smartphones likely to account for 29% of the entire OTA market by 2015. Orbitz, in particular, which accounts for around a fifth of OTA bookings made in the US, now sees 27% of its bookings passing through mobile devices.


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