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So, we’re a bit biased, but we genuinely think that the hotel industry is about as tough as it gets when it comes to the number of hours you’re expected to put in and the sheer variety of tasks and responsibilities one must contend with.

We’ll let other professions argue that point in the comments section…

But how do you remain productive as a hotelier? With so much to do, guests to entertain and staff to satisfy, how can you maximise the use of your time to ensure the business remains afloat and profitable?

Here’s five brilliant productivity tips for hoteliers:

1. Don’t get lost in emails

Some people despise email. Others continue to value it as a great way to communicate. Some are indifferent.

Whatever your personal thoughts on email, it isn’t going anywhere. The likelihood is you’ll receive emails regularly from staff, guests and suppliers every single day.

The trick is to not get lost in email or treat it as a matter of urgency. Every email can wait; the chime of your inbox isn’t like that of a ringing phone. In fact, turn that chime off and promise yourself you’ll only deal with email three to four times a day.

2. Let technology do the doing

Time for an experiment.

Next week, record your activity as you make your way through each day. Make a note of what you’re doing and roughly how long it took. Then, at the end of the week, review your tasks; look for stuff which you know, deep down, can be performed by technology.

Continually updating your rates, adjusting availability on OTAs, manually compiling lists for email newsletters - these are all tasks that hotel bookings systems and other technological wizardry can do for you.

If a piece of software can save you just fifteen minutes every day undertaking a mundane task, that soon adds up.

3. Implement 10 minute daily meetings

Great communication lies at the heart of productivity.

If you can communicate efficiently with your team, you’ll all get more stuff done each day - it’s that simple.

Try holding a quick staff get together every morning. Make it strictly a ten minute affair where everyone can offer their input on what happened yesterday, what’s planned today and highlight any barriers to success. Ensure everyone stands, too - there’s no need to gather people around a table.

The more regular this becomes, the more you’ll find ‘standard’ meetings become a thing of the past and staff will begin to communicate more effectively with one another.

4. Remove as much paper as possible

The ‘paperless office’ remains something of a pipe dream, but the hotel industry is well placed to rid itself of as much printed documentation as possible.

If you’re running a great hotel booking system, you don’t need to print stuff out. Instead, email invoices to guests and provide staff with digital copies of house lists or tablets on which they can access the PMS.

Less paper equals higher levels of productivity - we promise.

5. Work more regular hours

As noted at the start of this blog, working in the hospitality industry is damn hard.

Unfortunately, that leads many to work too hard. And that’s a shame, because the longer hours you work and the more you throw your entire life into a job, the less likely you are to get things done. You’ll become far more stressed, too.

This might sound counterintuitive, but the more you stick to regular hours and avoid working beyond your remit, the more productive you’ll be. This is because you’ll be happier and know that you have to focus your effort for a set amount of time each day.

Wrapping up

The more productive you are as a hotelier, the better chance you’ll have of competing strongly in this difficult market.

Getting to the bottom of your to-do list each day is immensely satisfying. Try our tips above, but, equally, if you think we’ve missed a productivity technique, let us know in the comments section!

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