5 awesome tips for first-time hoteliers

tips for first-time hoteliers | hotel software uk

For many people, the idea of opening a hotel for the first time is a dream come true. For others, it’s the result of a family business handed onto another generation. Whatever reason you have for entering the hotel industry for the first time, you’ve probably got lots of questions. Providing you follow these tips for first-time hoteliers below, you’ll gain plenty of job satisfaction and great financial security.

Our tips below are for the very start of your journey. In future blogs, we’ll cover the all-important role technology will play in your hotelier journey - particularly the hotel property management system.

1. Gain some experience

hotel industry experience | hotel management software uk

Depending on how you intend to become a hotelier, it’s vital that you gain some experience.

If you’ve already worked your way through the ranks - great! But if you’re yet to experience life on the front line of the reception desk or in the depths of the kitchen, now is the time to get that experience under your belt.

This is true if you’ve inherited a hotel, too. Getting your hands dirty and working at the lower rungs of the hospitality ladder will give you a great appreciation for what it takes to run a brilliant hotel operation.

2. Get used to - and enjoy - working with people

hotel industry is all about working with people | management systems for hotels london

It might sound daft, but there’s no escaping the fact that, as a hotelier, you’ll be working with a lot of people.

Staff, guests, suppliers - there will be countless personalities you’ll need to deal with each day and it’s essential that you can maintain the stamina required to keep smiling and provide the best service possible.

Empathy plays a big role in being a hotelier, as does the ability to deal with an emergency in room four at 2:45 on a Tuesday morning.

3. Pick the right hotel theme

pick the right hotel theme | hotel booking systems

That’s right - just like restaurants, the best and most successful hotels have a theme. What’s yours going to be?

Take the following into consideration when deciding on your hotel’s theme:

  • your ideal guest (demographics, type of stay, generation - that kind of thing);
  • your own experiences and passions;
  • the competition - what are they doing (or not doing)?;
  • a unique selling point; and
  • what kind of experience do you want to create?

A hotel theme might be something as simple as funky decor or musically-themed rooms. Whatever it is, make it as unique and enticing as possible.

4. Get financial help - but only if you need it

look for cost-effective solutions for your hotel | hotel upselling

If you already have the finances in place for your hotel, or if it has been inherited in a good financial state, avoid getting yourself into any debt. It’s simply not needed in such circumstances.

If, however, it’s a new venture, make sure you get the appropriate financial help. Speak to your bank manager and assess the most cost-effective solutions. Remember - running a hotel business is expensive, but it should be ultimately profitable.

5. Make sure it’s definitely what you want

tips for first-time hoteliers | hotel management software uk

Calling a hotel operation a ‘lifestyle business’ will make many hoteliers wince. It’s a very hard career and one that is both incredibly challenging and very rewarding.

Long days, little time away from ‘the office’ and the need to deal with all manner of guest requests and industry red tape can be a little too much for some people.

In truth, you won’t know how well suited you are to this industry until you get into it, but if you have any significant doubts, it might be best to look for an alternative career. It’s certainly better to pull out now than risk your happiness in the future.

Ready for it? Awesome!

Wrapping up

This is a long road full of bumps, surprises and delight, but if you stick with it, your hotel will become not just a business but a treasured part of your life.

We’ve scratched the surface above, so stay tuned to the Welcome Anywhere blog for more hotelier tips!



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