The hotel industry has been revolutionized since the advent of the Internet and the ubiquity of the smartphone. The general public is now empowered to pick up their phone or tablet and report their opinion and feedback about a hotel experience to the greater world.

This is immensely powerful and the hotel industry has had to learn how to catch on as quickly as possible. TripAdvisor has allowed people to voice their concerns and complaints in a very vocal way and people are quick to vocalise when they have had a poor (or great) experience.

The key issue for the hotel is to know how best to deal with such a situation; the worst thing they can do is to ignore it. They need to address reviews but in the correct manner and tone.

Of course, at times, the hotel might feel that the review or comments are unfair but in the Internet age, it really doesn't matter as all people will want to see is how you react. This infographic from The Dunloe Hotel examines the topic of hotel reviews as follows:

  • it looks at some interesting statistics from TripAdvisor;
  • it examines the area of reputation management in the hotel sector and what it can do in a bad / good hotel reputation situation;
  • it looks at the best ways to deal with poor reviews and also includes some expert industry advice.

Check it out below!

Hotel review

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