In episode 12 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we're joined by two award-winning hoteliers - Frances Meeres Young of Stoberry House and Struan Lothian from Knockendarroch Hotel and Restaurant.

Having both picked up prestigious awards from the Good Hotel Guide this year, we decided to quiz Frances and Struan on what it takes to become a successful independent hotelier in the digital age.

This is a must-listen for any hotelier who wants to know how to raise occupancy, develop a consistent yet personalised service and make the most of the wonderful technology available today.

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In episode 11 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we talk to founder and CEO of Flexkeeping, Luka Berger about how hotels can become more efficient and productive by using the technology that dominates our personal lives. We also touch on our favourite topic, Brexit, and consider how UK hotels can overcome the language barriers that might arise as fewer foreign workers begin to occupy roles in this country.

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In the latest Welcome Systems podcast, we're joined by Nicola Graham, Director of Marketing at Cendyn - the team behind the brilliant Guestfolio CRM system that's designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

We talk about the modern guest journey, and think about how hoteliers can create memorable guest experiences by using the latest marketing techniques and technology.

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In episode 9 of the Welcome Systems podcast, John Jones, Mat Marlow and Mark Ellis talk about how far the hotel property management system (more readily referred to as the ‘PMS’) has come, and how software as a service and changing user expectations are shaping an exciting future for this once 2D tool.

Grab a coffee (although, we won't hold you to that - any beverage of choice will do), and enjoy a tech jargon-free (ish), fascinating discussion on the following topics:

  • The evolution of the '2D' PMS
  • The difference between on-premise and Software as a Service
  • Challenging PMS norms: how relevant is the booking chart today?
  • How smartphones and millennial expectations have changed the game
  • More than skin deep: how do modern systems support growth?
  • The new breed of exciting PMS features (connectivity, rate and yield management, guest experience and upselling)
  • Going global: is it easier to attract guests from abroad with a modern PMS?

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In episode 8 of the Welcome Systems Podcast, we invite InnQuest Software Vice President Kent Howard and Dockmaster President Cam Collins to join our very own John Jones for a cross-continent chat.

All three companies are part of the Valsoft Corporation group, and this is their first appearance on the podcast together. Listen in on their fascinating discussion about all things hospitality, from destination marketing to the evolving travel expectation battle between the millennial and Baby Boomer generation.

Some of the topics covered in the podcast:

  • Are hotels setting the standard for customer service?
  • Not just Brexit: attracting and keeping great staff - a cross sector/continent challenge?
  • Generational travel expectations - Big Beards Vs Silver Surfers
  • Are millennials taking over?
  • Tech comforts: what do travellers expect?
  • How is the sharing economy shaping the future of travel and hospitality?
  • Destination marketing

It's a must-listen for anyone in the travel, hotel or marina industry! Check out the podcast below and subscribe on iTunes:

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In episode 7 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we invite Charlene McKenzie, a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, to talk about the opportunities and barriers faced by hospitality students who are looking to take their first steps into the industry.

Offering a unique perspective from a future hospitality industry employee, Charlene tells us her thoughts on the skills shortage, Brexit and how the hotel industry can better accommodate students with internships.

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In episode 6 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we chat to Lorraine Orr, Privacy and Security Consultant in the BSI Cyber Security and Information Resilience Team. The topic of discussion centres around four letters - GDPR (that'll be the 'General Data Protection Regulation', which comes into effect on May 25th).

With May fast approaching, UK businesses are being tasked with readying themselves for the most comprehensive change to data protection legislation since 1998.

In this podcast, we task Lorraine with demystifying the GDPR, and ask:

  • What is the GDPR?
  • How will it affect the hotel industry specifically?
  • What data does it apply to?
  • How does it impact paper records?
  • What should hotels do now to prepare?
  • and much more...

This is a must-listen if you want to avoid falling foul of the hefty fines associated with non-GDPR compliance. And we promise - it's not as complicated as you may have been led to believe...

Find out more about BSI's 'path to GDPR' by clicking here

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In episode 5 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we chat to Barry Clark, Managing Director of Dunedin Consultancy, and Hefin Morris, Operations Director at Welcome Systems, about the challenges that come with managing millennials in hotels.

We discuss (amongst other stuff relating to this fascinating generation):

  • the changing migrant working market;
  • the approach to life, work and society of the millennial generation;
  • whether or not there's a hotel staffing crisis on the horizon;
  • what the biggest employment challenge is for hotels in the digital age;
  • whether hospitality is still a long term career; and
  • the importance of staff training.

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In episode 4 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we discuss labour management with Gareth Thomas, Business Development Manager at Catton Hospitality and John Jones, MD at Welcome Systems.

What is modern labour management? How does it impact productivity, staff satisfaction, the hotel's bottom line and, most importantly, the guest experience?

John, Gareth and Mark delve deeply into this fascinating, and often intangible topic, and discuss the following:

  • Common labour management challenges faced by hotels
  • How tech can help
  • The Brexit effect
  • Zero hour contracts (yep - those)
  • How modern labour management is no longer purely a tool for the big chains.

Dive in and let us know what you think in the comments section - it’s another fab listen!

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In episode 3 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we invite founder and CEO of Right Revenue, Adrienne Hanna, to unpick the contentious subject of rate management for hotels.

This fascinating insight into what is often considered the 'dark art' of hotel management asks one of the industry's foremost experts in the field the following questions:

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing hoteliers in the digital age?
  • What’s a ‘strategic rate strategy’?
  • How can hoteliers overcome ‘not enough time’ syndrome?
  • How can hoteliers maximise their use of their own website and OTAs?
  • How do you effective track and measure your rate strategy?
  • How should hotels deal with bargain hunters?
  • Does the AirBnB model threaten the hotel industry as we know it?


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