Flawless online billing and rate management for pubs with rooms

Welcome Anywhere hotel booking system

Hospitality and restaurant booking software business, Welcome Systems Ltd, has released a brand new rate manager especially designed for busy pubs with accommodation.

Mark Ellis, Marketing Director at Welcome Systems, explains:

“This new module is part of our Welcome Anywhere package, and enables pubs with rooms to make pricing plans a reality through the quick set-up and management of special offers and seasonal rates.

“Incorporating a ‘fast-rate wizard,’ Welcome Anywhere works flawlessly on mobile devices so pub owners can react quickly to changing market conditions and provide a wide range of guest offers.”

Welcome Anywhere also makes it easy to connect room bookings to tills so food and drink bills can be added seamlessly to accommodation charges and allow for centralised revenue reporting.

Mark continues:

“Pubs with rooms are increasingly well placed to rival their big hotel competitors, but many need to improve their digital offer to meet the expectations of savvy online travellers.

“Historically the pub market has avoided new technology which it views as being too expensive. However, Welcome Anywhere offers a free, one-month trial, and costs from as little as £30/month.

“Eliminating errors such as missed room postings and giving guests quicker service with just one single bill on checkout makes this a must-have for pubs’ booking and bills management.”

Winner of the prestigious ‘Pub of the Year’ 2016 title, The Horse & Groom in Bourton-on-the-Hill, is already a keen supporter of the new Welcome Anywhere product.

Tom Greenstock, Proprietor of the Horse and Groom, says:

“We’ve gained recognition through several other awards but Winning the Pub of the Year is the icing on the cake: it’s the award that every publican dreams of winning.

“We offer five rooms and the advantages of using Welcome Anywhere have been tremendous.

“The system never sleeps, so if someone in Australia books a room in the middle of the night everything’s handled automatically while we’re busy looking after our guests. There’s no chance of human error - once a room is booked, its availability is removed.”