How hotels can tap into the growing Bleisure market

How to attract bleisure travellers | hotel upselling

The idea of combining leisure with business during an outing from the office isn’t new, but it’s a trend that has spawned its own name. And it’s growing, big time.

In a survey held last year, 75% of respondents revealed they had extended a business trip within the last year for leisure purposes.

Known as ‘bleisure’, this type of travel is popular among all generations, and for good reason. It eases work-life balance, adds some excitement to business trips and improves employee satisfaction.

If you’re running an independent hotel, the bleisure market might be one you’re currently missing out on.

Here are some tips for attracting bleisure travellers to your hotel.

Focus on offering short-stay packages

offer short-stay specials for bleisure guests | hotel software uk

Bleisure guests will typically be looking for a maximum of three-night stays during their travel. To stand out from the rest of the hotels, you could add short-stay specials that appeal directly to these people.

There’s also the opportunity to up-sell. For instance, by offering a percentage discount off an additional night’s stay, you might grab the attention of bleisure guests who fancy extending their stay for a little more leisure time.

Ensure you offer services business travellers want

what do bleisure guests need? | hotel management software uk

Take the leisure element out of bleisure, and these guests are still corporate travellers. Therefore, you need to ensure your hotel offers them everything they need to get work done on the road.

That means great, free, fast WiFi, ample meeting and working space and ease of travel to and from your property.

Oh, and don’t forget those all-important add-on services such as a fitness suite, self-check-in/out and ironing services.

Grab their attention with leisure services

leisure activities to offer at your hotel | hotel upselling

After a long day away from the office, business travellers can be easily tempted with great leisure services.

This might simply be the offer of a first free drink at the bar, but for the bleisure crowd, you can go a lot further.

If you have the budget and space on-site, offering fitness classes, therapy practices or cocktail nights is a great way to differentiate your service in the minds of bleisure guests.

Go for the super-personalised service

personalise your hotel for bleisure guests | hotel software uk

Bleisure travellers all have individual tastes. This is why personalisation is so important for hotel marketing and service teams.

The more you can profile bleisure guests, the more you can tune your service perfectly for them.

For instance, if you know they’re into fitness, a tailored stay and keep-fit package that emphasises your sports facilities will go down very well indeed.

The same goes for specific room preferences, food allergies and room service requests. If you can demonstrate that you’re listening to their every requirement, you’ll likely welcome them back again and again.

Encourage repeat bookings

how to get repeat bookings from bleisure guests | management systems for hotels london

As we alluded to above, bleisure guests are well-primed to become long-term advocates of your brand.

With that in mind, be sure you make it clear how convenient and easy it is to book with you again via your online booking engine.

Even better, why not start up a loyalty program for bleisure guests? By offering points rewards or some other form of benefit for repeat bookings, you’ll catch not just their eye but that of the person who holds the purse strings for them back at HQ.

Wrapping up

Bleisure travel isn’t a flash in the pan - it’s a growing trend that fits perfectly with the modern way of working.

Freelancers, remote employees and those who regularly leave the office for business trips represent a huge, profitable market for independent hoteliers.

Go get ‘em!



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