How to boost occupancy in slump season

How to boost occupancy in slump season | hotel software uk

The festive season is over, and for hotel operators that results in two certainties:

  1. An exhausted hotel team that desperately needs some time off.
  2. Immediate worries about how to boost occupancy during the inevitable post-Christmas slump.

We’ll let you deal with number one, but how can you boost occupancy in what is, traditionally, a quiet time of the year for hoteliers?

The good news? We live in a digital economy that is full of new ways to reach potential guests. You just need to get creative, and, sometimes, turn to the simplest solutions.

Here are a few simple ways you can boost occupancy during the remaining part of the winter and get 2020 off to a cracking start.

Run a competition for a midweek break

Hey, but that’s giving away occupancy, isn’t it?

Yes, it is, but by running a competition for a midweek break, you’ll boost your influence on social media and grab a booking that will probably spend a bit in your bar and restaurant, too.

What’s more, you might encourage others to book regardless, thus increasing midweek occupancy; a tough task at the best of times.

Look for contractors in the area

If there are new residential or commercial building operations kicking off this January near your hotel, try and find out who’s behind them.

This will enable you to get in touch and find out if the workers have any ongoing accommodation requirements. Building firms often bring in contractors from further afield for large jobs, and if you’re lucky, you may just chance upon a few medium to long-term bookers.

Tempt some longer stays

If you already have a few weekend bookings in place, why not reach out to those guests and see if you can tempt them into staying longer?

By adding a discounted night onto the end of their booking, you’ll both increase occupancy for another day and the chances of them telling the world how wonderful you are as a hotelier.

Schedule some one-day events

Poetry reading, cookery masterclasses, networking events and conferences are just some examples of one-day events that may, in turn, boost your occupancy this winter.

If you’ve got the room to host such events, why not make 2020 the year when you stage as many as possible?

Start tapping into your mailing list

If you’ve been collecting guest email addresses (in a GDPR-compliant fashion, of course), now is the time to start tapping into that goldmine of data.

People who stayed with you over a year ago or those who have demonstrated their loyalty with regular stays should be prime targets for your promotional work this year.

Get in touch and remind them that you exist. Offer discounted stays if you feel it appropriate to do so or simply provide a tantalising glimpse of the work you’ve carried out on your restaurant since they last stayed.

Wrapping up

This time of the year isn’t to be feared as a hotelier - it’s to be relished and taken advantage of.

Use our tips above, and you’ll soon discover that the start of a new year can be just as profitable for your hotel as the festive period.


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