How to hire the best hotel employees (they’re out there!)

How to hire the best hotel employees | hotel software uk

Recruitment in the hospitality industry isn’t any harder or easier than any other sector. Finding the right people is tough, yes, but not impossible.

However, if you put that effort in, you’ll build a team that becomes an extension of your sales and marketing effort, and is capable of delivering the best possible guest experience.

Here are some practical, tried-and-tested ways to hire the best hotel employees and build a brilliant team.

Look in the right places

hiring hotel employees the right way | hotel upselling

We operate in a very different labour market these days in the UK. As important as recruitment professionals still are, they’re now competing against a more organic approach.

For instance, social media could be a key hunting ground for the right staff. If you can set up searches for keywords and phrases that are likely to be spoken by those looking for jobs or who are performing particularly well in their current roles, you can get a great measure of people before they even walk into the interview room.

Speak to a recruiter, absolutely, but keep your ear to the ground at local networking events and online, too.

Provide the best tools

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Finding the right people to work in your hotel is just the start - you need to retain them if you’re to build a consistently high-performing team.

One brilliant way to do this is to ensure you implement the right tools. A great hotel PMS, time-saving channel manager and the best POS system you can afford will ensure they have the right tools to do their job, and they won’t spend their days bemoaning the dreadful systems they’re forced to work with.

Make the onboarding process as enjoyable as it should be

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Being inducted into a hotel team shouldn’t feel like a chore for anyone. It should be an exciting time that’s full of new discoveries, opportunities and rapport building.

Although you’ll inevitably need to cover the more mundane, process-based stuff, don’t make inductions too dull or formal. Have fun with them and demonstrate you’re a great team to work with; that will ensure the best people stay with you for the long term.

Provide opportunities from the start to move sideways

hiring the best hotel employees | hotel booking systems

People don’t always want to ‘move upwards’ in their jobs. Sometimes, they’ll want to find new opportunities to take on completely different roles. Often, they want to move sideways.

During the hiring process, make it clear that the route you want employees to take is entirely up to them (within reason). You want them to forge their own path and find the roles that best suit their evolving career aspirations. Therefore, if a new job arises internally and it isn’t related at all to what they do, yet they fancy giving it a go, they need to feel empowered to apply.

Final thought

Recruitment doesn’t stop the moment you’ve hired someone - it’s a process you need to analyse and continually improve on. In the fast-moving, high turnover world of hospitality staff, you’ll never stop recruiting, so make sure you analyse your recruitment results and make changes where required.

Have fun finding that amazing team - it’s out there (if you haven’t got it already, of course)!


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