How to keep hold of your best hotel staff

How to keep hold of your best hotel staff | hotel software uk

There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the UK economy. Brexit may finally have taken place, but the far reaching effects of it on the hospitality sector remains to be seen.

In the meantime, every independent hotelier is best advised to continue providing an amazing guest experience by retaining the best possible team.

If you’re concerned about losing your best employees or struggling with a particularly high staff turnover rate, we’ve got some tips for ensuring you build a rock solid team, and keep it that way.

Hire the right people from the outset

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You won’t get far with your hotel team if you hire poorly.

Unfortunately, it’s an easy mistake to make; hiring is damn hard.

However, the more time you invest in recruitment, the more likely you are to hire the best people from the outset.

Before you choose a candidate, think about the values you have at the hotel. Consider the culture and goals you’ve set - make sure anyone who steps into the interview room is capable of adding value.

Remind yourself that you won’t be able to retain everyone

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Staff leave for a variety of reasons - that’s a fact of life and something you won’t be able to change.

For instance, changing circumstances at home, decisions to move abroad and illness are common examples of why team members might have to leave.

When you accept that you’ll inevitably lose some staff at some stage, it’ll become less of a shock when it happens. Just make sure you hold a decent exit interview before they go to find out where you can improve and what they enjoyed about working at the hotel.

Show your team how much they're valued

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Showing appreciation for your team doesn’t always have to result in some form of monetary recompense. You can say “thank you” for their hard work in lots of different ways.

Sometimes, a hearty pat on the back for a job well done is enough, but if you feel like taking the entire team out for a night of bowling, go for it.

The more valued people feel, the more likely they are to hang around - it’s one of the simplest facts of management.

Challenge each and every team member

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Believe it or not, your team members want to feel challenged; no one wants to go to work each day and clock watch.

This is why it’s so important to have regular one-to-one chats with the team. Ask how they’re getting on, what they’re struggling with and where they feel under-utilised.

Make changes to their rota, level of responsibility or tasks to ensure they feel challenged and pushed to their maximum potential.

Create an awesome hotel team culture

create an awesome culture

Who would want to leave a hotel where the team culture is so amazing?

Most of us have experienced that desire to get to work and get stuff done, and that usually stems from a love of the job itself and the team you work with.

The culture you create in your hotel will define the longevity of your staff base. Make sure it’s one you want to get out of bed for each morning.

Wrapping up

The key learning today is that you will lose staff occasionally. The hospitality industry is one of high staff turnover - that’s just how it is.

However, follow our tips above and you’ll stand a far better chance of retaining your best people for much, much longer.



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