6 important hotelier tasks during downtime

6 important hotelier tasks during downtime | hotel management software uk

At the time of writing, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is an international pandemic and has sent millions of people home from work.

This is already having a seismic impact on the hospitality industry and, in particular, hotels.

Together, we can get through this. And, if your hotel is now closed for the foreseeable future, you’ll be glad to hear there are some very valuable things you can still do to ensure your business remains resilient.

1. Keep marketing

focus your hotel's marketing efforts on social media | hotel upselling

This might sound odd, given the situation, but even if your doors are currently closed, ceasing all marketing activity is a bad idea.

Instead, focus your efforts on your social media profile; post daily updates about what you’re doing during the closure and how you can support your followers (inspirational or funny messages are probably what people need right now).

2. Seek opportunities to support the local community

use your hotel to support the local community | hotel software uk

Several hotels are already being converted into temporary treatment areas and bases for NHS staff. You could do the same.

If you’re up for it and if the government expands its requirements for such venues, why not put your hotel in the spotlight by using the space you have to do good?

3. Go back to that business plan

reviewing your hotel's business plan | management systems for hotels london

You wrote it years ago, we get that. But what use is a business plan if it’s never revisited?

Now is the perfect time to dust off your original business plan and see how true you have remained to your original promises. What goals have you met, missed or forgotten about?

During times of significant change, new business ideas emerge. Your business plan is probably ripe for a new injection of inspiration and positivity.

4. Keep staff meetings going

remote hotel staff meetings | hotel software uk

Even if your entire team is now self-isolating at home, you can - and should - still keep up your team meetings.

Thankfully, you can do this via a number of platforms, including WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype. Bring everyone together once a day online to chat about anything - business, self-isolation tips... you name it!

Doing this will ensure everyone keeps their spirits up and won’t lose that all-important feeling that they’re part of a brilliant hospitality team. It’s what makes this industry so special, after all.

5. Review your OTA listings

6 important hotelier tasks during downtime | hotel upselling

When was the last time you properly revised your OTA listings?

Once we get through this and things begin to return to normal, you’ll hopefully meet plenty of guests who are desperate to get away and stay at your hotel. A great many will come through OTAs, and that means now is the perfect opportunity to ensure your listings are up-to-date with the latest photos and descriptions of your hotel’s experience.

6. Tinker with your website

managing your hotel's website during down time | hotel booking systems

Your website is just as important as your OTA listings, so use this time to give it a much-needed fettle.

You might decide to start posting a weekly blog, or finally get around to adjust the homepage content. Equally, you may decide to ‘play guest’ and try out the online booking experience to sniff out any issues it might have.

Whatever you decide to do with your website during this time, make sure you keep your hotel booking systems in mind and the overall feeling you want to illicit when people visit.

Wrapping up

We know that this is an incredibly tough time for the industry and hope that our tips above provide some respite.

Together, we’ll beat this and come back stronger than ever.


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