How to make email marketing work for your hotel

Would you like a fun fact?  Of course you would.  Did you know, by the end of 2018, there were 3.8 billion people worldwide with an active email address.  In the UK, most adults have at least one personal email address.  Considering how much time and money people spend online, that's hardly surprising.

With statistics like this you can see how important email marketing is for any business.  Email isn't like social media where you physically have to search for something to get the information.  The content is delivered to you and waits for you to open it - unlike social media platforms where the information whizzes past you at the speed of thought.

If you aren't making use of email yet, it's time to remedy that.  To get you started, here are some email campaigns to keep you in the minds of your customers and prospects.

The 'what's on' guide

I'm beginning to wonder if I can actually write a blog without mentioning destination marketing.  However, I'm still a firm believer that hotels aren’t just buildings occupying an entire island.  They're quiet caves within communities.  Around the walls are the theme parks, the rock concerts, and the festivals.

For many small hotels, it doesn't matter how comfortable your queen-size beds are, they're unlikely to be the reason someone travels from out of town.


However, it might be your email that draws their attention to an event that they really wouldn't want to miss.  This could prompt an immediate direct booking from the recipient.

We are looking forward to meeting you

If a customer makes a booking and your transaction email doesn't take the opportunity to either upsell, or gather more data, then you are missing a trick.  After making a booking, your customer is expecting to receive an email.  Why not confirm their booking, and find out if there's anything you can do to make their stay more comfortable?

You might learn that they enjoy a certain wine.  You might find that they're in town to see a certain theatre production.  All information that you can use for future marketing campaigns and promotions.

Happy [insert significant date]

When a customer stays at your hotel, there may have been the option to gather data from them.  If a couple stayed with you for their anniversary, or filled in their date of birth, then you can use this data to entice them back.  You could create a discount for them to use on their birthday.  You may create a small offer for their stay-iversary.  These are both good reasons to send an email, and may just generate another direct booking.

How was your stay?

This could be the most important email that you send.  A lot of customers aren't comfortable with making complaints.  Confrontation might just not be their thing.  You could find out there was a problem far too late, when it appears on Facebook with three angry emojis and a comment from Janet Smith.  This could have been avoided.

When they leave, you have the perfect opporuntity to make sure everything was OK with their stay.  If not, and there was a problem, you just might have the opportunity to create a killer apology offer and make sure they leave happier next time.

Wrapping up

A hotel presents many marketing opportunities, and it's a shame not to take advantage of them all.  Email campaigns can be written and scheduled at quiet times, and emails that require automation only have to be written once.  Any email marketing platform takes care of the rest.

How do you make use of email marketing in your hotel?  Are there any campaigns you could share with like-minded readers of this blog?