IBS Systems

The EPOS-based IBS Systems hospitality management technology operates 100% in the cloud. Numerous successful and profitable multi-site hospitality operators their systems to analyse over £2bn+ of annual sales and purchases. They all benefit from real-time bespoke solutions where live data from the point of sale is usually ready for analysis in less than four-seconds. IBS Systems has unrivalled customer retention rates because of their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology remains as strong as it did when they first opened for business 25 years ago.


  1. Table, Tablet & Mobile
  2. Table floor plan with integration to third party reservation systems
  3. Multiple service charge options automatically or manually applied
  4. Tips facility
  5. Hold tables for a customer
  6. Join tables (floor plan)
  7. Multiple floor plans
  8. Intuitive offers and adjustment
  9. Order by seat
  10. Guest name
  11. Integrated wi-fi card payment
  12. Handheld order taking

Certified connectivity between your PMS and IBS Systems