Polaris POS is not only a retail POS management, Inventory Management it can work as an accounting software and manage your store expenses, purchase and payroll. It can be install on a PC or POS device, or you can install it in your private network or in your web hosting or Polaris cloud platform. Polaris POS is a tool to help you to grow your business.


  • Point of Sale: Polaris POS is an easy and great tool to sell your products to your customer whether you use PC, POS device or tablet
  • Sale Operations: with Polaris POS you can manage your business sales operations easily and powerful with features like Sales Return, Customer Payment, Sales Order/Delivery
  • Purchase Operations: Polaris POS also can manage your purchase and suppliers transactions with its features like purchase order, GRN, Purchase invoice, Supplier payments and Purchase Return.
  • Accounting Transactions: Polaris POS can manage your accounting transactions and calculate your profit and loss every time without any accounting knowledge. You can access to your balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow anytime, anywhere
  • Store Management: you can define and manage several stores at the same time in Polaris POS

Certified connectivity between your PMS and Polaris