Our company began when our founder – a hotelier in his own right – looked to the Internet to fill empty rooms, but didn’t know how. So much opportunity… so little time. And, no systems to make it work! Who would look after his guests while he figured this out? Inspired, he left the hotel business to create a solution and of course the world’s become even more complex since. Suddenly, consumers are in control and demanding memorable guest experiences.

But we believe hoteliers can be, too, to explore their real potential.

  • Make your hotel more visible on the world’s top booking sites and be found by guests across the globe
  • Drive direct bookings via your hotel website so you can own the guest relationship and pay zero commission
  • Access a multitude of third-party applications to enhance your revenue and guests’ booking experience
  • Use data to understand local demand and offer pricing that’s both competitive and optimal for profit margins
  • Leave manual entry behind with systems that work seamlessly together while you run your hotel

Certified connectivity between your PMS and SiteMinder