The Triptease Platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution and increase their direct revenue. Our platform identifies a hotel’s most valuable guests then works across the entire customer journey – from acquisition to conversion – to make sure they book directly at the hotel.

Acquire: Reach the most valuable guests first. Take control of your own traffic acquisition with a system designed to identify and convert high-value guests.

Compare: Keep track of OTA undercutting and unpackaged wholesale rates to take ownership of how your rooms are priced online. Stop competing with your own inventory and make sure guests get the best rate from you.

Convert: Bringing the right customers to your website is only half the journey. Use personalized experiences and dynamic messaging to dramatically increase their conversion rate.

Assist: Take control of your customer relationships with a live chat tool built specifically for hoteliers. Speak directly with potential guests or assist them automatically with an AI chatbot that knows your hotel.

Analyze: All the numbers you need to build a direct distribution channel that works. Get complete visibility on your performance and learn from every interaction to make your data just as powerful as an OTA’s.

Improve: Learn from your data and try new direct booking strategies confidently. Benchmark your performance, take an action from every insight and work with our team to drive continuous improvement for your business.

Certified connectivity between your PMS and Triptease