Powerful features

An intuitive PMS for your hotel

Simple, Powerful PMS

Effective rate management


Housekeeping hub

A simple, powerful PMS

  • Drag-and-drop bookings (drag to extend stays, drag to create new bookings)
  • User-level customisation for booking chart
  • Group reservations
  • Manage room allocations for OTAs and groups
  • Tab interface
  • Local event and waitlist notifications
  • Whitelist IP addresses to limit access to Welcome Anywhere from specific locations

Simple, effective rate management

React to the competition and changing market conditions by changing room pricing quickly.

  • Manage all your room rates from one screen
  • Change room allocations, pricing and packages simply and effectively
  • Create restrictions
  • Implement seasonal rates
  • Create short-term overrides (for instance, Valentine’s Day)
  • Use Live Flex to make quick changes to rates


Find out what’s really going on in your hotel.

  • Understand business performance using standard industry metrics (revPAR, trevPAR, ADR and more)
  • Look at past performance and forecast based on any date range
  • Find out which sources of business deliver the most bookings
  • Discover which rates are most effective
  • Compare year-over-year
  • Export reports to PDF, CSV, Word, Excel and more

In-App Payment Processing

Take card payments, right inside the Welcome Anywhere property management system.

  • Compatible with all major payment providers including sagePay, Elavon, ingenico, PayPal and more
  • Ultra-secure for you and your guests
  • Easy to set up
  • Take new payments and use previously-stored cards

Housekeeping Hub

Welcome Anywhere connects the front desk with the housekeeping team.

  • Manage the cleaning requirements for each day from one screen
  • Assign rooms back to reception via the Housekeeping Hub on smartphones and tablets
  • Housekeeping staff can use smartphones to change the status of a room
  • Identify the timeline of a room and the outcomes of cleaning
  • Communicate with the housekeeping team from reception

SMS Messaging

Send guests important booking updates and information via SMS, directly from Welcome Anywhere.

  • Set as many template SMS messages as you wish
  • SMS templates can automatically include key booking information (e.g. arrival date, room number, etc)
  • Automatically send pre- and post-stay SMS messages at set time intervals
  • Access a full audit of SMS messages sent to each guest

Features built for your hotel

  • Detailed, customisable booking chart
  • Drag-and-drop bookings
  • User-level customisation
  • Group reservations
  • Housekeeping Hub
  • Simple, effective rate management