Powerful features

Housekeeping Hub

The Housekeeping Hub will help your housekeeping team become more efficient, deliver a better experience for guests and create an invaluable line of communication between housekeepers and reception.

The perfect housekeeping app

Your housekeeping team doesn’t work from a static location. That’s why the Housekeeping Hub can be accessed on-the-go.

  • Mobile-ready – use on any device
  • Access arrival and departure lists
  • Set room status
  • Make notes for the maintenance team
  • Communicate with reception
  • …all from the palm of your hand

Easily set room status and make requests

The Housekeeping Hub enables housekeeping staff to easily set the status of each room.

  • Set rooms to clean, dirty or cleaning in progress
  • Use for maintenance tasks by setting rooms as ‘inspection required’ with notes
  • Mark rooms off entirely
  • Make note of ‘quick requests’ when common room items need replacing or adding

Great for maintenance

The Housekeeping Hub works brilliantly for your maintenance team, too.

  • Make notes against rooms when inspections are required or items need fixing
  • Indicate exactly what work needs carrying out by the maintenance team
  • View maintenance notes throughout the Welcome Anywhere PMS

Collaboration between reception and housekeeping

Your reception and housekeeping teams should work in harmony, and with Welcome Anywhere, they can use the Housekeeping Hub to communicate.

  • Room statuses automatically updated on the booking chart
  • Reception staff can make housekeeping requests from the PMS
  • Every note made by the housekeeping team viewable by the reception team
  • Reception team can mark rooms as clean or dirty directly from the booking chart

Reunite guests with lost items

Guests can be forgetful, but your hotel can save the day when a personal belonging has been left behind in a room.

  • Housekeepers can make quick notes about lost items in rooms
  • Lost item notes viewable by the reception team
  • Complete history of lost items is retained against each room

View full histories for each room

Every single change made to a room in the Housekeeping Hub is recorded in Welcome Anywhere.

  • View a detailed history of every room status change
  • View all notes left against each room
  • Time, date and user logged against each event
  • Use for auditing purposes
  • Keep a permanent record of recovered guest items

Configure precise access for housekeepers

The Welcome Anywhere PMS enables you to precisely configure exactly which areas of the system the housekeeping team can access.

  • Limit housekeepers to only access the Housekeeping Hub
  • Provide housekeeping staff with access to additional areas of the PMS, if required
  • Grant reception and maintenance staff access to the Housekeeping Hub

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  • Diary
  • Guest management
  • Reports
  • Automated emails
  • Smart rate management