Podcast – Finding time for (proper) rate management (featuring Right Revenue)

In episode 3 of the Welcome Systems podcast, we invite founder and CEO of Right Revenue, Adrienne Hanna, to unpick the contentious subject of rate management for hotels.

This fascinating insight into what is often considered the 'dark art' of hotel management asks one of the industry's foremost experts in the field the following questions:

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing hoteliers in the digital age?
  • What’s a ‘strategic rate strategy’?
  • How can hoteliers overcome ‘not enough time’ syndrome?
  • How can hoteliers maximise their use of their own website and OTAs?
  • How do you effective track and measure your rate strategy?
  • How should hotels deal with bargain hunters?
  • Does the AirBnB model threaten the hotel industry as we know it?



Find out more about Right Revenue here: www.rightrevenue.co.uk