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St Patrick’s Day, as always, will prompt millions of people across the globe to celebrate - Irish or not.

For many, it’s an excuse to head to the pub for a Guinness or two, while others will use it to celebrate their heritage. As a hotelier, it presents a unique opportunity to engage a happy audience who are ready to spend - big.

Here are a few ways UK hoteliers can make the most of St Patrick’s Day - there’s still time!

Turn your website green

turn your hotel green for St. Patrick's Day | hotel software uk

Nothing says you’ve fully grasped the St Patrick Day’s spirit than turning as much of your brand green as possible.

It might simply be a dusting of St Patrick’s spirit on your logo or a great big clover leaf-filled banner on your home page, but whatever it is, make it clear as soon as someone visits your website that the hotel has something to offer on March 17th.

Revamp the restaurant’s F&B menus

Let’s not beat around the bush - food and drink play a huge role on St Patrick’s Day.

If you want to get as many people in as possible on the big day, make sure you’ve got Guinness and Irish beers on, at the very least. And you can do the same with the food, too; try adding braised beef, shepherd’s pie and cabbage-based dishes.

Use some last-minute keywords

marketing your hotel on St Patrick's Day | hotel upselling

If you’re running pay-per-click campaigns or undertake a concerted content marketing effort, adding some St Patrick’s Day keywords into the mix is a great way to pique the interest of those looking to do something special on March 17th.

Luck of the Irish, green, St Patty’s parade, pot of gold - they might all sound like clichés, but that’s often the best approach when it comes to keywords and events of this kind.

Decorate the hotel

simple guide to St Patrick’s Day for UK hoteliers | hotel booking systems

The busiest pubs on St Patrick’s Day are usually those that have really gone to town with their decor, and you can do the same as a hotelier.

How far you go is entirely up to you, but if you just add a touch of green to your lobby and encourage staff to get into the spirit, it can be enough to make your guests feel similarly party-ready. And that’s infectious.

Get social and share the luck

social media marketing for St Patrick's Day | hotel management software uk

Luck plays a huge role in the St Patrick’s Day theme, and you can use your hotel’s influence on social media to spread some good fortune.

It’s a great way to show the fun side of your hotel, and anyone who has experienced success with social media will know that’s a key ingredient if you’re to stand a chance of winning business via that channel.

As the day gets closer, keep an eye on your timeline and look for St Patrick’s Day threads you can get involved in. The more active you are leading up to and on the day itself, the more likely you are to grab a slice of the St Patrick’s Day engagement - it’s a great way to boost your social standing off the back of a big national event.

Wrapping up

Are you ready to make the most of St Patrick’s Day this year and next? Our tips above will work consistently each year, so make sure you keep them handy whenever March rears its head in your diary.



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