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Trivago has recently listed what it believes to be the most important UK hotel trends headed our way in 2020.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we thought we’d do the hard work for you and delve into these trends and highlight what we think are the most prevalent for independent hoteliers on these shores.

There’s an awful lot of uncertainty surrounding the economic future of the country at the time of writing, but these trends represent opportunities for you, as an independent operator, to put your best foot forward and make a success of the next twelve months.

1. The influence of digital on the guest experience

2020 UK Hotel Trends | hotel upselling

Few people will be surprised to hear that digital is going to power most of the hospitality industry as we head into 2020 and beyond.

However, Trivago picks out a few specifics - some of which caught our eye.

  • Internet of Things (IoT).This relates to the smart devices which are gradually making their way from the home into the hotel. Think Alexa, smart lighting and security features. It’s unusual for the home to be ahead of the hospitality industry, but expect to see far more of this tech enter independent hotels in 2020.
  • Virtual reality (VR).Abandoned in the 80s and 90s, VR has had a huge resurgence of late, along with its new cousin, augmented reality (AR). From next year onwards, we should expect to see these technologies make their presence felt more wholesomely in hotels. They’ll offer pre-stay walkarounds and the ability to immerse yourself in a number of new guest experiences after checking in.
  • Facial recognition. Many of us are used our phones unlocking at the mere sight of our faces, but this form of biometric security is expected to become more prevalent in hotels next year. Is it time you upgraded your door locking system?

2. Online character-building

The Top UK Hotel Trends Headed Your Way In 2020 | hotel booking systems

A hotel’s online presence has never been more important, thanks to the influence of social media and the power of the guest in the digital world.

To get in front of as many potential guests as possible during 2020, hoteliers are being urged to define their property’s online character and put as much effort into distinguishing themselves online as possible.

This goes far beyond a few social media posts each week, too. Hotels need to create memorable, branded content that tells the story of their property.

The best news? It costs nothing but your time and some inspiration - and as an independent hotelier, you’ll certainly have plenty of the latter!

3. Embracing sustainability

hotels should start embracing sustainability | hotel software uk

Fed up of reading the word ‘sustainability’? It’s here to stay, and if you’re a hotelier, you need to get on board. Sharpish.

Sustainability is, at its heart, about undertaking environmentally-friendly practices as a business, but it can also be a key differentiator.

Hotel guests are becoming savvier and increasingly look for hotel experiences that keep the health of the Earth in mind. If you can be overtly environmentally conscious, you’ll be the hotelier who picks up more guests next year than those with the lackadaisical laundry policy (people will find out - trust us).

Wrapping up

Which of the above trends are you looking forward to the most next year?

Get involved in the comments section below - particularly if you feel we’ve missed a trend that is going to take the industry by storm.


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