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A happy hotel team is a productive and effective one, but achieving harmony amongst your employees can be challenging.

Here are a few tips for independent hoteliers who want to boost staff morale, improve communications and enhance productivity in one fell swoop. Ultimately when you have a productive hotel team, guest satisfaction will improve, as guests can sense when they're in a pleasant environment. Here's how you can build the most productive and motivated hotel staff possible.

Recognise and reward hard work

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If you want your hotel staff to be committed to your organisation, it’s important to keep track of their performance and make sure they feel that their efforts are appreciated, rather than ignored.

Quarterly and annual reviews can be helpful, but don’t just ply them with bonuses or purely financial perks; sometimes what they really want is a reward of a different sort – something more memorable.

Extra time off for important occasions which doesn’t eat into their allocated annual leave is a good option.

Embrace a modern PMS

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Technology will oil the behind-the-scenes mechanisms of any hotel, especially if you adopt a cutting-edge property management system (PMS) which offers the ability for employees to contact each other on the fly.

A PMS with an integrated instant messaging platform will be the best option, giving staff a discrete and convenient way to pass on information to colleagues, request help dealing with issues or provide updates on the progress of important tasks.

Train your staff to take advantage of messaging tools and other shortcuts in the PMS, or else they’ll never reap the benefits and you won’t maximise the return on investment.

Plan social events

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You might feel that your staff see enough of each other on a daily basis, but the only way to keep them happy and effective as a team is to boost the social bonds between them outside the context of the hotel.

This is where social events come into play, and we’re not just talking about the booze-fuelled Christmas bash at the end of the year.

You could book in specific team-building exercises aimed at businesses, but it’s often just as effective to arrange activities that aren’t so structured or formal.

There’s no need to opt for outdoors activities to establish a rapport between employees; something simple and inclusive can actually be more effective.

For example, you could host a game night where staff get to engage and compete with each other in a relaxed, informal environment, or simply buy them takeaway pizza and extend everyone’s allotted lunch breaks.

Keep an open ear

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Hotel staff who feel they aren’t being listened to by the management will almost certainly become disgruntled over time.

This means that encouraging employees to speak up if they have a problem is the only route to guaranteed harmony amongst team members.

Aside from helping people conquer the obstacles they’re facing, you might find that the issues raised are actually helpful to your organisation as a whole and could give you some fresh ideas on how to improve the experience your hotel offers guests.

Wrapping up

An independent hotel can only be successful if the team works in harmony and enjoys spending time with one another. Staff harmony and productivity go hand-in-hand with guest satisfaction and customer loyalty, after all.

As a result, you can’t afford to ignore the needs of your employees, or leave the ebb and flow of morale to chance.



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