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In 2017, Twitter gave all of its users access to a new 280 character limit.

At its inception, Twitter only allowed 140 character to be used in tweets, making this sudden doubling of available commentary/shouting/ranting/opinion space quite a big deal.

Some people seem to love it, while others lament the decision to turn what was once the platform’s endearing selling point into something that gives advertisers and internet trolls far more space to irritate all and sundry.

Despite this, Twitter’s longer character limit offers some interesting marketing opportunities. It shouldn’t be abused, but we think you can definitely make better use of the service now if you’re a hotelier.

Here’s four tips for making the most of the 280 character tweet limit:

1. Use paragraphs

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Perhaps the worst thing to come out of the increased character limit is a tendency for people to publish long winded tweets that don’t feature an ounce of punctuation.

When these tweets were just 140 characters long, that was less of an issue, but at 280 characters, they simply become big blobs of text that few people are going to read.

If you’ve got something interesting to say about your hotel, you now have more space in which to do so, but that means you can rely on white space, rather than endless sentences.

Use paragraphs on Twitter, and break up your tweets so they’re easily digestible.

2. Include multiple links

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The shorter tweets of old typically only justified a single link to be included, but with 280 characters to play with, you can get a bit more creative with your calls to action.

For instance, if you’ve just launched a number of new Christmas packages, why not tweet them out in paragraphs (see above), with the corresponding link to each package description on your website?

Don’t forget to include images, too - tweets containing photos or some other form of graphical accompaniment will perform better, and they no longer count to the character limit.

3. Tweet in multiple languages

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If you regularly welcome foreign guests to your hotel or want to broaden your reach on social media, Twitter’s higher character limit finally gives you the space to tweet in multiple languages.

For instance, you can now kill several birds with one tweet if you want to announce the launch of your new online booking system to people in England, Spain, France and Germany.

4. Don’t feel you have to use every character

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One of the best pieces of advice we can provide about Twitter’s 280 character limit is… to not use it at all!

Just because you have all that extra space to play with doesn’t mean you need to use it each and every time. If you’ve experienced Twitter success with short, concise tweets, stick with them!

Listen to gut instinct; if a tweet feels too long or laboured, trim it back.

Wrapping up

Have you used Twitter to your advantage as a hotelier? We’d love to hear your experiences. Get involved in the conversation by leaving your comments, below!



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