The importance of a PMS & CRM integration (guest post)

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Travellers today are more connected, informed and tech savvy than ever before. This has opened a multitude of new ways for hotels to gather data and use it to enhance the guest experience. However, there are challenges when it comes to gaining a 360-degree view of that data. Hotels need technology solutions that can integrate together to help build a more detailed view of the guest and use it to deliver more personalized services and marketing.

One of the most important integrations in the hotel technology suite is a tight relationship between the PMS (Property Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). By connecting data in these two systems, hotels can create memorable guest experiences at every digital touchpoint. By integrating these two systems, and other hotel technology platforms, hotels are able to have a single view of each guest and take advantage of the tools available to collect data and engage with guests while at the same time work from a shared database.

With a single view of the customer, hotel staff can ensure that engagement is meaningful and relevant at every touchpoint during the guest journey. These integrations allow a single profile to include the guest’s photo, stay history, total spend, interests, preferred room types, links to social profiles, loyalty program status and feedback from previous stays.

In addition to the single, consolidated view of every guest, hotels are also well positioned using CRM, to be transparent and upfront about how they use and store guests’ data. By centralizing their data, hotels know exactly where the data is stored, who has access to it, and who controls it.

Some hoteliers have misconceptions of CRM, that it provides an email marketing platform and not much else. CRM has capabilities far outreaching that of email marketing, by providing a consolidated view of every guest, it allows hoteliers to act on their data through segmentation, personalization and accurate, real-time reporting.

A great example of this is how a central profile within a CRM can play a pivotal role in improving the guest experience across the whole travel journey. Hoteliers can automate, segment and tailor how they communicate based on data points such as:

  • Spend per stay
  • Frequency of visits
  • Preferred locations and booking patterns
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Satisfaction
  • Reasons for travel

This wealth of data and activity means they are now communicating via the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. All in all, a simple integration between CRM and PMS can dramatically improve how hoteliers interact with their guests and allow them to focus on what they do best – focusing on the guest.

Here are a few examples of how using segmentation and personalization can improve every day activities at a hotel:

  • Tailor transactional/confirmation emails based on reservation and preference data
  • Up-sell room upgrades, and amenities based on reservation type, room type and preferences
  • Provide a tailored check-in experience based on arrival times
  • Display and provide personalized welcome gifts in the room for arrival
  • Send reminder emails to guests to book again based on stay dates and preferences

To find out more about how a PMS and CRM integration could help you, contact us today. You can also find out more about how a PMS and CRM integration works by downloading this guide.

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