Tips for attracting millennials to your independent hotel

Regardless of how you might feel about the significant interest placed on millennials by seemingly every media outlet, the biggest generation in existence is definitely in the driving seat when it comes to the economy. This year they’ll outnumber baby boomers, so it’s important for businesses across all industries to cater to their needs in order to attract millennial customers. Independent hotels already have a head start in this respect since the under-35s are more interested in bespoke experiences and seemingly keen to avoid big chains. Today, we’re going to consider some of the tactics you can employ to appeal to millennials if you’re an independent hotelier looking to boost bookings and raise the average value of every stay. Here are some simple tips to follow in order to ensure you can effectively attract millennials to your hotel.

Embrace craft beer

craft beers can help attract millennials to your hotel

Although craft beer sales may have hit a plateau after a decade of immense growth, it now accounts for a significant chunk of the market and is a favourite tipple for hip young things everywhere.

Adding a few craft beers to your menu is a great idea, whether or not your hotel has a dedicated restaurant.

What makes this especially appealing is the fact that millennials are happy to sip a cold, hoppy beverage from a bottle or can, so you don’t even need to worry about the extra cost associated with supplying hand-pulled pints.

Offer ethical eats

improved food choice can attract millennials to your hotel

Food culture is big amongst those born in the 80s and 90s, but great taste is not the only thing they’re looking for; they also want to know that the items on offer are responsibly sourced.

If you can provide locally grown, organic ingredients in the food you offer at your independent hotel, then you’ll have yet another selling point to market to millennial guests.

This has the bonus effect of helping you tie in your business with others in the surrounding area, by working with nearby producers to provide something unique, local and ethically sound at the same time.

Support digital nomads

make sure your hotel has easy WiFi access for guests

The rise of the internet and the emergence of powerful portable computing hardware has made flexible working popular amongst millennials.

So-called ‘digital nomads’ are equipped to remain productive while on the move, working from wherever they happen to find themselves rather than being restricted to the office.

Because of this, it’s worth making sure that your hotel is set up to support them. Whether you set aside a dedicated workspace or simply ensure that you have plenty of power outlets to help charge laptops, smartphones and tablets, there are lots of little things you can do to tempt digital nomads through your doors.

It should go without saying, but providing free Wi-Fi access is also a must, as guests of all ages will really appreciate it and those who’re travelling while working will be even more grateful.

Make booking easy

make it easy to book your hotel

Millennials have grown up with access to the internet and in an age when online booking for virtually everything is the norm.

For independent hotels to thrive, they need to make sure that their rooms and rates are competitive with the big chains as well as being visible on the same popular online booking agencies (OTA).

Make it easy to book your hotel, no matter where the option happens to be found – whether that’s on your own website or an OTA.

Wrapping up

It may seem like millennials are a hard-to-please bunch, but in reality, their needs are fairly simple to meet.

The hotels which tune their services to suit this generation will reap the rewards - without alienating older guests.


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