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We’ve got some rather exciting news.

If you’re a hotelier, you yearn for the ability to make smart decisions on room pricing by developing a flexible rate strategy that takes into account the competition and delivers a tariff that is both profitable and capable of raising occupancy.

We think that’s rather sensible and, most importantly, entirely achievable, which is why we’re delighted to confirm that Welcome Anywhere is the first UK-based hotel booking system to integrate with BookingSuite by Booking.com.

Together, they’re capable of transforming your business.

What is BookingSuite?

BookingSuite is a new platform, developed by Booking.com. It puts smart technology in the hands of accommodation providers, enabling them to deliver great guest experiences and grow their businesses.

The hotel industry is becoming increasingly complex and fast-paced, with traditional marketing tactics now residing solely in the digital realm. For example, the ability to check competitor pricing is inherently difficult given the number of channels through which rooms can be sold, and market demand is incredibly hard to assess for the same reason.

Booking.com has developed BookingSuite in an effort to level the playing field and enable hoteliers to gain a far better, top-down view of the market. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was a game-changer.

BookingSuite RateManager

BookingSuite’s RateManager is a revenue management and room rate optimisation tool that recommends optimal rates for hotel rooms and predicts occupancy up to 360 days in advance.

RateManager uses a state-of-the-art algorithm that analyses multiple data points like the property’s historic data, local events and aggregated market demand to determine the right room rates. Pricing decisions can be made directly within the software, and the handy ‘autopilot’ feature pushes confirmed rate changes directly into Welcome Anywhere.

The result is a coherent rate management tool that is fully connected to the hotel booking system and driven by market intelligence. Put simply, you can finally say “goodbye” to making ‘blind’ rate decisions!

BookingSuite two-way integration

We immediately saw the potential of the tools offered within BookingSuite which is why we jumped at the chance to become the first UK hotel booking system provider to develop an interface to the platform. It’s ease of use and focus on making hotels more profitable mirrors the development strategy behind Welcome Anywhere. Linking the two up was therefore something of a no-brainer.

The two-way integration between BookingSuite and Welcome Anywhere ensures that any pricing changes made within RateManager are automatically and instantly communicated back to Welcome Anywhere. That means no duplication of effort and the ability for hotels to benefit immediately from a fully researched and market-conscious tariff.

What’s more, BookingSuite is built directly into Welcome Anywhere, so you never have to leave the freshest booking system on the market to benefit from its features.

“Our business is all about collaboration, be it with suppliers or customers," said John Jones, MD of Welcome Systems. "BookingSuite, within the Welcome Anywhere platform, is the result of both parties listening to their customers and understanding that dynamic rate and revenue management is a must-have these days. Welcome customers are now able to scan comparator rates, using BookingSuite, and automatically flex their own pricing in response, so that guests will always get the best deal and the hotel is always booked full.

"Our test sites love it and have already recouped the cost of their BookingSuite subscription, so we’re expecting huge demand for the system. I’d suggest interested parties contact Welcome as soon as possible, as we may well have a queue on launch day!”

When can I get my hands on the integration?

On 9th January 2017, Welcome Anywhere Plus will offer a full, two-way interface to the BookingSuite RateManager module.

If you want to gain a better view of your market and make pricing decisions that will have a tangible effect on the success of your hotel, register your interest today by clicking the button below:

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